The ASAP TRAINING Virtual Community of Practice on drug prevention is available in English and soon available in other 9 languages!

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The ASAP TRAINING Virtual Community of Practice on substance use prevention is available in English and soon will be available in other 9 languages! Read more by downloading the document. For more information, please contact the project coordinator.

The ASAP-Training Integrated Platform (ASAP-IP) has been released in English. The Platform provides the integration of two components: a Learning Management System (LMS) based on Moodle for supporting the formal learning and a Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) for supporting informal/non-formal learning.

So, the platform is now available for delivering formal training courses and for sharing the knowledge on drug prevention.

The VCP component of the ASAP-IP provides features to create discussions and thematic group, to upload and to share multimedia material, to set up pools, to support direct messaging and so on. It will provide an online means for drug prevention professionals to interact, share their concerts, exchange information and, ultimately, to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

According to that, aims of the VCP are to produce knowledge and to exchange good practices, so people can interact through forums, shared areas and “chats”. VCP is also an important tool to support non-formal learning and a tool to complement the Master Trainers course.

Participants to the ASAP-Training’s training courses are the first users of the Platform, enjoy them and create an account at to discover the new born online community or drug prevention professions.

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