Prevention Science and Disability Studies Postgraduate Doctoral Programme

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

The Prevention Science and Disability Doctoral Studies Programme is the first of such kind in Croatia and one of the rare ones in Europe and the World. The Doctoral Degree Programme has been delivered since 2007/2008 and currently, the fourth student generation is attending.

The Doctoral Degree Programme builds upon contemporary scientific findings about health promotion, prevention of mental and behavioural disorders, risk behaviour and relationship and support of the society towards persons with disabilities and behavioural problems.

The Doctoral Degree Programme is carried out collaboratively, in partnerships with domestic and foreign teachers and scientists (universities from USA, Canada and Europe) working in various scientific areas, fields or branches.

This Doctoral Degree Programme aims to train scientist who will carry out activities, not only at universtities and research centres, but also on behalf of state and local authorities (county and municipality) whith the aim to research, develop and implement specific strategies of promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and support. Especially in the area of advocating for the rights and needs of persons with disabilities and at-risk population based on inclusive practice, citizenship rights, social justice and international human rights’ standards.

The mission of this Program is to train scientists and professionals who will be able to create scientifically-based expert policies and interventions which would be implemented on the national and local level in all the sectors – healthcare, education, social welfare, justice, internal affairs as well as in science and scientific research. The Program has been drawn up to train scientists who should play a leading role in improving knowledge and collecting facts on prevention science and disability from various scientific fields, on the theoretical, research and practical level.

Defended PhD theses (Prevention Science Module):

  • An empirical study on implementation quality in prevention programs; Miranda Novak (2013)
  • Study of effectiveness of prevention programs, Josipa Mihic (2013)
  • Community policing strategy and its influence on fear of crime, perception of crime and incivilities in Croatia, Krunoslav Borovec (2013)
  • School bonding as protective factor in development of risk behaviours, Darko Rovis (2015)
  • Self-determination of students in student dormitories and frequency of alcohol cannabinoids consumption, Dijana Jerkovic (2015)
  • Characteristics of parenthood and parental relationship towards gambling as predictors of gambling of their male children, Toni Maglica (2017)
  • Prevention of violence in the prison system, Sasa Rajic (2017)


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