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(1) Croatia – In October 2020 ASAP team in Croatia had conducted the ASAP Drug Prevention Professionals training for Decision, Opinion, and Policy makers (DOPs) in Osijek and in Zagreb. 27 enthusiastic DOPs attended the inspiring 3-day training, and were updated with the latest information in prevention science. Here are some of their comments on the training:

I came to the training with the idea that I know everything, but I gained and adopted a new knowledge, and got inspired for the implementation of some things presented, both at the micro and macro level. I also realized how cross-sectoral cooperation is very important in the implementation of prevention projects. 

At first, I had a prejudice towards the training, and I thought it was another boring training, but in the end, I was really pleasantly surprised. I will try to implement what I learned in this training in our future work. I believe it is necessary to include as many regions in Croatia as possible in this training and to do the training at the national level.



(2) Belgium – Belgium was the first country in which he ASAP Drug Prevention Professionals training for Decision-, Opinion- and Policy-makers (DOP’s) took place. 18 enthusiastic DOP’s attended the very inspiring 2 days’ training on September 17th and 18th. Despite the government restrictions on COVID-19, the Belgian ASAP team succeeded in organising the course in an enjoyable Corona-proof setting. All participants and trainers can look back on a successful and thought-provoking training event.


(3) Slovenia – Due to the Covid-19 situation the ASAP Drug Prevention Professional Training took place on Zoom. 20 participants from different institutions (Nationa Institute for Public Health, General Police Administration, Municipalities, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities) participated in the event. Based on the feedback from the participants, there is a huge need for the training and more time is needed to go deeper into specific contents.



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