Project results of ASAP-Training

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One of the key elements of the ASAP-Training is the attempt to build up the picture of drug prevention activities in Europe. Poland (Polish Reitox Focal Point – National Bureau for Drug Prevention) is the leader of the Work Package 2 (WP2) dedicated to the analysis of drug prevention systems in the EU Member States with three task:

  • The Task 2.1 is devoted to mapping EU key drug prevention stakeholders.
  • The analysis of various drug prevention systems as well as identification of major characteristics in the respective countries are also going to be conducted (Task 2.2 of WP2).
  • Under the Task 2.3 guidelines for the respective countries on how to implement the European Standards are to be developed.


Consequently, in the first half of 2019 intensive works were conducted to devise a research tool and data collection protocol in framework of WP2. Under the Task 2.1 component, data on key drug prevention institutions were collected. The National Bureau for Drug Prevention distributed questionnaires to 10 countries participating in the project as well as all Reitox Focal Points (RFP) across the EU. The RFPs and Project Partner subsequently forwarded the questionnaire to key drug prevention stakeholders in their countries. Additionally, the research framework of WP2 was presented at the Lisbon Pre-Reitox meeting of RFPs in May.

Following the actions taken, 113 questionnaires from 20 EU Member States were obtained. Based on the questionnaires, the main European report was drafted as well as 20 country reports, which contained detailed descriptions of over 100 drug prevention stakeholders across the EU. Moreover, the aim of the WP2.1 component was to obtain information which stakeholders would be interested in the ASAP-Training courses or would like to benefit from the online platforms. The answers given in the questionnaires indicate that staff members of 46 institutions would like to take part in the Mast of Trainer training while representatives of 61 institutions would be interested in participating in the Drug Prevention Professionals
(DPP) Training. 43 institutions would like to hold the DPP trainings while 68 institutions wish to benefit from e-learning and using the online platform. One of the important part of the ASAP-Training project is promoting good quality prevention with focus on the standards. On 23-25 July 2019 in Warsaw, an international conference was held by the Polish Reitox Focal Point (National Bureau for Drug Prevention) and the Res Humanae Foundation with title “The tackling drug use at local level”. The event was attended by 230 drug drug specialists from Poland and Portugal, Lithuania, Romania and Italy. The Warsaw conference organized provided an opportunity to present the preliminary results of the ASAP-Training project. The second session moderated by Mr Alessandro Pirona (EMCDDA) was attended by the ASAP-Training project partners. Ms Rachele Donini from Italy presented the ASAP-Training project and Mr Artur Malczewski provided the preliminary findings of the mapping of key drug prevention stakeholders in Europe. Ms Renata Sarkane from Lithuania, who also taking part in ASAP-Training project, presented new initiatives and best practices implemented in her country. Another occasion to present the results of the WP2 will be the 10th EUSPR Conference on September, which is going to feature a session dedicated to the ASAP-Training project.

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