First »training of Master Trainers« course as a part of ASAP-Training project

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29 participants from 11 countries took part in the first »training of Master Trainers« course which took place in September 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. The training is part of ASAP-Training project with the focus on quality in prevention.

Intensive three days were dedicated to main topics in prevention science: aetiology, epidemiology, monitoring and evaluation as well as prevention in different settings (e.g. school, school, workplace, community, media and environmental strategies).

The second training will take place in January in Tallinn and after a final exam, all participants with successful completion will receive the status of European Master Trainers. One of the aims of ASAP-Training project is to expand the team of qualified trainers who will cascade knowledge about evidence-based prevention and strengthen the »prevention community«.

The new handbook that was adapted from the Universal Prevention Curriculum by the UPC-Adapt group represents the main reference material for training courses and it was launched during the training.

Alexis Goosdeel, the Director of EMCDDA:

»Yesterday, we have launched the manual presenting the European Union Prevention Curriculum (EUPC). This is a very important milestone in our effort to stimulate the adoption of best practice and evidence-based prevention programmes all over the European Union.

Advancing the professionalism of the drug prevention workforce in Europe is at the heart of this initiative. The aim of the EUPC is to implement a standardised prevention training curriculum in Europe and to improve the overall effectiveness of prevention.

We are hosting this week the first »training of Master Trainers« course session based on this manual. We are delighted to welcome, of course, our co-trainers from the EU-funded project ASAP-Training for quality in prevention. They will be training with us here this week and later in Tallinn. It is great to see that the entire ASAP-Training project is dedicated to EMCDDA products: it analyses prevention systems in European countries using our prevention systems publication, in order to identify the key influencers in the system, and target these with training in EUPC and the EDPQS (European Drug Prevention Quality Standards).

I would like to thank and to congratulate all the experts and partners who made this achievement possible and I look forward the next step in developing an EUPC “community” or “ecosystem” in the European Union.

Special thanks go of course to the very dedicate EMCDDA staff that has been supporting and contributing to the project all those years, and to the REITOX Focal Points that are participating in the project or in the training«.

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